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PCS offers the following products:

If you would like to order any of our products please call 360-428-5025 Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. BMT Micro also offers PCS's OS/2 Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.5.

Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.5 Update for OS/2 Warp
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If you're looking for updates to CAD Commander 2.5 please visit the Support section.  If you are using CAD Commander 2.0 and want to update to 2.52 or later, you must first update to version 2.5.

Beginning with CAD Commander 2.52 support is available for creating your own applications that can take advantage of the power of CAD Commander.  Using the CAD Commander 2.52 Toolkit you can write your own programs that can change program priorities, kill other processes, switch to other programs, and more!  Watch the PCS News page for details on the imminent release of this toolkit! 

CAD Commander 2.5 is a free update to the best selling OS/2 Utility Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander adds many new features and improves on original features.  We've listened to what our customers wanted and have come up with this free upgrade to CAD Commander 2.0.  Here's just a few of the new/enhanced features: 

  • New Virtual Desktop system.
  • New desktop activation buttons.
  • View a desktop's contents without switching to it.
  • Start hot-keyed applications on specific desktops.
  • New alarm clock/scheduler features and capabilities.
  • New CONFIG.SYS Editor.Runs user defined tasks before shutting down.
  • Automatically stops Warp Server Requester during shutdown.
  • New modem monitor displays modem activity.
  • Enhanced Window List enhanced even more!
  • Improved online help.
  • Full-screen program now includes a Reboot OS/2 button.
  • Japanese Warp Keyboard Driver Support.
  • Spanish Language support.
  • Numerous minor fixes and tweaks to enhance functionality.

Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.0 for OS/2 Warp
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Protect your system and your data from accidental lock-ups of OS/2. Also includes many user-requested enhancements over the 1.x version. Supports multiple desktops to organize your running applications, hot-keys to start any application at the touch of a key, units conversion utility, enhanced window list, enhanced OS/2 Shutdown, command line utilities to manage OS/2 processes (programs) (and these can be used remotely via Telnet for remote control of a PC via the Internet). Version 2.5 will be available January 5, 1998.  

IPF Editor 2.12 for OS/2
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The best OS/2 online document and context sensitive help editing and creation tool available! It provides support for every IPF tag as well as makes everyday and not-so everyday IPF tasks simple to do!  It also enhances IPF with several "add-on" features that provide multi-media support and customized window support!

Secure Electronic Ordering System

The Secure Electronic Order System for OS/2 Warp has been discontinued. Support will continue to be made available for it until December 2002.

Patchit for OS/2

Patchit for OS/2 has been discontinued. Support will continue to be made available for it until December 2002.