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Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.5

Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander* (CAD Commander) 2.x takes control of the boot services of an OS/2 Warp** system. It prevents accidental rebooting of OS/2 from within any type of OS/2, DOS, or Windows*** session.

In addition, it also allows "rebooting" of the Workplace Shell** without stopping any running applications. Finally, it gives complete command over all application's status (including their priorities), and allows selective shutdown of errant applications which cannot normally be shutdown via OS/2's Ctrl-ESC key sequence.

The retail version 2.0 introduces several new features including a handy and fully configurable system status line on your WPS desktop (showing CPU usage, Swapper space used, time, date, etc.), virtual desktops and new tasklist.

To get an idea of what some of the CAD Commander displays look like click on the screen shots button at left (This is a large page with several large graphics, however, so please be patient).

Version 2.5 introduces new features and enhancements from version 2.0. Registered users of Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.0 can download the update to 2.5 for free using the update button at left.

Key features of CAD Commander 2.x

Based on best selling CAD Commander 1.x program.

Protects your system and your data from accidental lock-ups of OS/2.

Full-screen application activates at touch of Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Displays details on every running program in your system.

Shows DLL's used, memory usage, etc. on programs and the operating system.

Includes a useful Status Line that shows swapper space, date, time, driver free space, etc. Also includes a timer, alarm clock, memory usage information tool, and more.

Completely configurable via the Control Panel utility.

Supports multiple virtual desktops to organize your running applications.

Hot-keys to start any application at the touch of a key.

Units conversion utility (converts values from one type of units to another - i.e. meters to feet, etc.) with thousands of conversions available.

Enhanced window list makes finding running applications easier. The Window List shows application icons, gives you the ability to adjust priorities, kill programs, etc.

Enhanced OS/2 Shutdown - now see an easy to understand warning when shutting down your system. It warns you if applications are running, and provides an automatic reboot feature so you can reboot immediately after OS/2 properly shuts down.

Command line utilities to manage OS/2 processes (programs) (and these can be used remotely via Telnet for remote control of a PC via the Internet).

Plus, much, much more!

New Features in 2.5


Japanese Warp Support

Support for 10 Virtual Desktops (up from 4)

Virtual Desktop switching now works with more applications, including FTP-PM, and is much, much faster.


Support for specifying hotkeyed applications so they start on a specific desktop (Configured using the Hotkeyed Application Configuration page).


Hotkeyed applications can also be configured to start a new application or change to currently running application.

Changes to Hotkey Applications and Command Center and Window List to have button to switch to Status Line (in case Status Line is buried and you'd like to switch to it).


Changes to Hotkey Applications and Command Center to have desktop switching buttons on left edge to speed mouse access to desktops. Right clicking on these buttons shows you what applications are running on that desktop.


New command line utility that generates a "close" message to a PM application that you specify, thereby letting it close more gracefully than if its killed by CCKILL.EXE.

Minor fixes/enhancements to current command line utilities.

Modified beeps so they're less offensive in a hanging situation.


Support for automatically running applications during system shutdown, as well as automatically shutting down Warp Server Requester (if active).

Keyboard drivers updated for Japanese Warp and Warp 4.


CONFIG.SYS editor added to make editing and modifying your CONFIG.SYS safe and simple. Complete online help explains many of those mysterious CONFIG.SYS commands. It also maintains the exact structure of your CONFIG.SYS when editing it so you can use other third-party CONFIG.SYS organizer programs.

Alarm clock completely revised to allow it to hold up to 30 alarms, each with its own title, message, and options. Options include beeping, repeating the alarm at a specified interval, starting applications are a specific moment (the application must be defined in the Hotkey Application and Command Center list).

Support for Spanish language in full-screen portion of CAD Commander.

New "Reboot OS/2" button add to "Easy Information Window" in full-screen CC.

Modem/serial port monitor that shows you serial port activity.

New ability to lock applications so they aren't switched away even when you change desktops.

Programs on one desktop can now be tiled or cascaded via the Window List, without affecting programs on other desktops.

CAD Commander Window List is now resizable and moveable and it remembers the size and position.

Replacement PM Shell made more OS/2 Warp 4 aware, along with other minor fixes/enhancements.





Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander 2.5



Electronic Upgrade from CAD Commander 2.0



Upgrade from CAD Commander 1.5
(Proof of purchase required - if you've already mailed in your registration card that will do it, otherwise, you must mail in your CAD Commander disk)




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* Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander, CAD Commander are trademarks of Perez Computing Services.

** OS/2, OS/2 Warp are trademarks of IBM.

*** Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.



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